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Nippon Yusen Kaisya (NYK) is one of the largest shipping companies in the world. This is the Tamiya replica in 1/14 scale and it is the second container model released in the Tractor Trailer R/C category. 

The container features an aluminum frame with durable ABS front, top, and side panels. The well-known NYK logos are reproduced on the included vinyl sticker sheet, and the container can be detached from the semi-trailer after assembly. The 3-axle semi-trailer chassis comes with a realistically reproduced leaf-spring suspension. This semi-trailer can be connected to any Tamiya 1/14 R/C Tractor Truck and a variety of Option Parts can also be installed for enhanced realism.

Product Specifications 

Type Detail
Scale 1/14
Construction type assembly kit
Terrain use on-road
Drive-train semi-trailer
Drive type free-wheel
Drive line solid axle
Differential type n/a
Suspension leaf spring
Steering mechanism n/a
Shock damper friction damper
Shock damper material n/a
Tire type rubber
Tire tread radial
Body material not included
Chassis material aluminum
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) not included
ESC model n/a
LED Light buckets yes
LED lights no
Motor not included
Bearings metal and plastic bushings
Adjustable camber fixed
Adjustable toe angles fixed
Adjustable ground clearance fixed
Adjustable gear ratio fixed
Adjustable wheelbase fixed
Adjustable track width fixed
Adjustable shock angle fixed
Special feature 1 Aluminum frame
Special feature 2 Plastic side panels
Special feature 3 3-axle trailer
Special feature 4 NYK Group markings
Requires A  Tamiya TS paint