Find your Team Associated spare parts here. If you need something we don't have, give us a call and we can get it in especially for you.

Team Associated Spares

TEAM ASSOC. 2.5x8mm Socket Drive Countersunk Head Screws 10pcs - ASS31472
TEAM ASSOC. 10T Diff Pinion Gear 1pc - ASS81007
TEAM ASSOC. Diff and Idler Gears - ASS91466
TEAM ASSOC. 72T 48P Spur Gear B4/T4 - ASS9649
TEAM ASSOC. DR10 Fr Wheels and Drag Tyres Assembled - ASS71073 Drag slick tyres on black wheels with...
TEAM ASSOC. DR10 Rr Wheels and Drag Slick Tyres Assembled - ASS71072 Drag slick tyres on black wheels...
TEAM ASSOC. ESS-One+ 2017 Engine Sound System - ASS29262 The Sense Innovations ESS-One+ 2017 Engine Sound System delivers...
TEAM ASSOC. FT Clamping Wheel Hexes 5mm Offset 2pcs - ASS91609
TEAM ASSOC. Ballstud Cups Large - ASS7230
TEAM ASSOC. Diff Shim Set 18T - ASS21141
TEAM ASSOC. 16mm Shock Bladders RC8T 8pcs - ASS89351
TEAM ASSOC. SC8 Clear Body Shell 1:8 - ASS89442