Here at RC Garage we can service or repair a huge range of RC vehicles. This includes Nitro & Petrol tuning, repairing damage or just a general check over. 

We offer a FREE initial 15minute assessment and we can then quote on any time and parts needed to bring your vehicle up to scratch and ready go again.

Our labour charges are $15 per 15 minutes plus the cost of any parts required.
Give us a call on (03) 9738 0212 to find out more or book your vehicle in using the form below and we'll endeavour to get you back up and running as quickly as we can!

Click HERE to book your vehicle in now

What do you Need?:

  • In house workshop for all your servicing needs
    • Repair crash damage
    • Get running / tune nitro or 2 stroke engines
    • Battery testing
    • Brushless motor upgrades
    • Engine and motor installation
    • Servo installation
    • Body mounting and alignment
    • Fault finding
  • Soldering Services, like:
    • Repairing broken wires
    • Changing plug on batteries, charge leads and ESC's (speed controllers)
    • Adapter leads
    • Charge leads
YES we offer our soldering services for items not hobby related

We are happy to look at anything you need to have repaired or are having difficulty with, however not all items can be repaired. Some products have no spare parts available or are not designed to be repaired at all and the act of dis-assembly causes product failure. But if you are unsure, give us a call and ask.