Bodies Buggy

TAMIYA Hornet Body and Wing - 9805020
RIVERHOBBY Blue Wing Bullet Buggy - RH-R0103
HBX Quakewave Red Wing Only No Body - HBX-KB-61071
HBX Buggy Blue/ Orange Painted Body Shell suit Rocket - HBX-6588-B009
1:12 Orange Desert Buggy Body with Wing suit 9120X - TRC-20-SJ01
TEAM CORALLY Python Clear Body Shell - C-00180-377
WL TOYS Purple Buggy Body Shell and Wing - WL124019-1836 Body shell suitable for the  wl toys 124019...
1:12 Green Desert Buggy Body with Wing suit 9120X - 20-SJ02
RIVERHOBBY Blue/Silver Body Shell suit Spirit - RH-R0082 This body shell specifically suits the Riverhobby Spirit buggy.
RIVERHOBBY Blue Bullett Buggy Body - RH-R0102
TAMIYA Nitro Thunder Clear Body Shell - T51181 This body shell is for the Tamiya Nitro Thunder. It...
GV Cage Body Clear Lexan - MV200825