MECHANIX - Minis Assorted


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Start the adventure! - Assorted Minis - Tractor , Car , Bike , Plane  

The tiniest MECHANIX models you can build come to your in the from of MECHANIX MINIS. This pint sized car is a great little build that you can place around your house and proudly display your creation. Get the others and build your own MINI MECHANIX collection. Also this set comes with its own mini screw driver and spanner!

Age : 7-99 years
Category : Mechanix
Types : Building & Constructions 
Parts : 3
Tools : Includes a mini screwdriver

This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build this cool model. After completing this, the builder can use these parts to create more models and even add it to other MECHANIX sets to build bigger models and projects.

The MECHANIX system provides the user with tools he/she needs to help them bring an idea, a or a thought to reality. It inculcates curiosity to learn, ability and confidence to build something with real life tools. This is an important skill that helps in being able to think out of the box and builds your cognitive skills.

MECHANIX - Minis Assorted