Wheels and Tyres Rock Crawlers

PROLINE 1.9in Dual Stage Foam Inserts Closed Cell suit Crawler - PR6174-00
HBX Rockfighter Under Chassis wheels - HBX-RCT-H101
Axial 1.9inch Beadlock Black Wheel 8 Hole -AX8087
Proline Interco TSL SX Super Swamper 1.9In G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tyres - PR1163-14
PROLINE HYRAX 1.9in G8 Rock Terrain Tyres - PR10128-14
PROLINE HYRAX 1.9in Predator Fr/Rr Tyres 2ea - PR10128-03
PROLINE Impulse 1.9in Black Bead-Loc Wheel F/R - PR2769-03
TRAXXAS 1.9IN CANYON TRAIL TYRES W. FOAM INSERTS - 8270 These are the stock replacement tyres for the...
Proline Titus Wheel Black with Black Beadlock 2.2 Fr/Rr w/out Weights suit 1/16 ERevo & Crawlers
PROLINE Impulse 1.9in Black/Silver Fr/Rr Beadlock Wheels 2pcs - PR2769-13
PROLINE BFG 1.9in KM3 Red Dot Mud Terrain Tyres and Foams, suitable for 1.9 inch wheels.
HSP 1.9in RC4 Soft Off-Road Tyres on Black Wheels - HSP-68164