TRAXXAS Slipper Clutch Set - 4615

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TRAXXAS Slipper Clutch Set - 4615

FEATURES: Allows the slipper to slip under stress instead of the diff gears stripping. Better traction control Adjustable tension


1x 84 tooth spur

1x 87 tooth spur

2x metal diff slipper diff rings

2x metal diff slipper plates

1x rubber stopper for diff cover (allows cust to pop the plug out to make adjustments to the slipper instead of the entire diff cover

1x slipper adjusting spring

1x slipper tension spring

2x white nylon spacers

12x slipper pegs

REQUIRES: Glue to glue the slipper rings to the slipper plates. (Traxxas suggests super glue)

TRAXXAS Slipper Clutch Set - 4615