TRAXXAS 27T 32P 5mmSh Pinion Gear - 5647

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TRAXXAS 27T 32P 5mmSh Pinion Gear - 5647

27-tooth pinion gear (32-pitch) fits 5 mm motor shafts and includes set screw. Traxxas pinion gears let you fine-tune the performance of your Traxxas model. Changing gear ratios can help balance acceleration and top speed for different running conditions. Please consult your owner’s manual for more information on recommended gearing options for your specific model.


1x pinion gear with grub screw


Teeth - 27

Teeth pitch - 32

Motor Shaft - 5mm


This part requires the use of a hex driver or alan key to install, you should always follow meshing instuctions from your manual when installing a new pinion gear and, as always, when you change the gearing away from stock you need to monitor your electronics temperatures when running.

TRAXXAS 27T 32P 5mmSh Pinion Gear - 5647