TAMIYA Weathering Stick (Mud) - T87081

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TAMIYA Weathering Stick (Mud) - T87081

Tamiya offers by far the easiest way to achieve realistic finishing effects on your scale models with the Weathering Stick. Use glue-stick type container to simply "paint" mud or snow onto tank treads or rally car chassis. With no need for a brush or pallet, Tamiya's Weathering Stick takes modeling simplicity to new heights.

About the Stick

  • Each retractable stick holds 5mm of colour.
  • Water soluble material can be wiped off model with a damp cloth.

Available in the following colours:



Weathering Stick (Mud)
Item No:87081
Easy to use pen-type tool for achieving realistic finishing effects on your scale models. Perfect for depicting mud on tank treads or rally car chassis.

Weathering Stick (Snow)
Item No:87082
Twist tip of Weathering Stick to extend color and simply paint snow onto model for impressive wintertime finish.


Light Earth

■Weathering Stick (Sand)
Item No:87086 
Pen-shaped Weathering Stick makes it easy to apply realistic desert weathering effects anywhere you want. Perfect for military vehicles and desert rally cars.

■Weathering Stick (Light Earth)
Item No:87087 
Light brown color depicts dried mud and can be used to create a more realistic finish on a wide variety of models.

TAMIYA Weathering Stick (Mud) - T87081