REVELL KPFW V Panther AUSG Tank 1:72 - 03171

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REVELL KPFW V Panther AUSG Tank 1:72 - 03171

The G version was the variant of the Pzkpfw V Panther battle tank produced in greatest numbers and it superseded the A version from 1944 onwards. The chassis was of a better design and further improvements were continually incorporated in production. The final version of the tank had an altered engine deck and the shape of the cylindrical mount mantlet was different. With its 7,5 cm 42 L/70 cannon and missile deflecting shape the Panther proved to be a dangerous opponent. The V 12 cylinder Maybach HL 230P30 petrol engine with a maximum capacity of 700 HP gave the 44,800 kg heavy Panther G a maximum speed of 55 km/h. It had a crew of five.

- fine surface details
- injection moulded track
- detailed running gear
- al parts for an early and a late version
- rotating turret

Authentic representation of the following versions:
- Ausf. G FR/EARLY Panzerbrigade 111, 1. Panzerregiment 16, 116. Panzerdivision. Bures, Alsace-Lorraine, Sept. 1944
- Ausf. G FR/EARLY 116. Panzerdivision, 16. Panzerregiment Westfront 1945
- Ausf. G FR/EARLY French 1. Groope, Mobile de Reconnaissance FFI (Force Francaise de L´Interior), St. Nazaire, Frankreich, M 1945

Scale: 1:72
Length: 122 mm
Number of parts: 124

REVELL KPFW V Panther AUSG Tank 1:72 - 03171