RC Garage Hobby Shop is a leading Australian online hobby shop servicing Brisbane from our Melbourne based store, specialising in everything radio control, whilst still offering all your traditional model building and general hobby accessories.

So whether it’s off road trucks, on road drift cars, planes, boats, helis or drones we’ve got it all!

RC Garage Hobby Shop has grown from humble beginnings to one of the largest hobby shops in Australia. This success largely from our focus on the customer and their needs and requirements. Not only do we offer exceptional customer service and backup support, all our quality products are designed and built to last and of course we also have great prices!

Choosing an R/C hobby in Brisbane although on the surface seems just like any other place in Australia, there are a few little things that should always be considered before making that final decision.

Brisbane weather

As well as beautiful sunshine, Brisbane weather often experiences stromy weather for a good part of the year. This is one reason to take into account the electronics and make sure they are water proof if available as this will give you a fighting chance when the waether turns bad and you still want to get out and play.

For this reason one of our favourite brands in the off road and on road cars is Traxxas.

Brisbane location

These days Brisbane living is getting more and more dense. For this reason you should always work out where you are planning to use your new hobby vehicle before you make a purchase.

That doesn’t mean you need a large property to use a plane, helicopter or drone. It just means that you should always research your local area for parks and ovals to make sure you have an appropriate area to use it.  For planes, helicopters and drones the best range that suits playgrounds of all sizes check out the Parkzone, Hobbyzone and DJI ranges

So what’s your next hobby?

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