DJI Mavic Air Flame Red - DJIMVAIR-R

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 [1] The sky above the camera cannot be captured due to the gimbal's limited tilt range. Instead, the sky is automatically generated using a zenith patching algorithm.
[2] Acquired at a constant speed of 25 kph, free of wind. Actual flight time may vary because of the environment and use of flight modes.
[3] Including people, cars, and ships.
[4] Acquired near sea level, free of wind.
[5] Remote controller required. When in Sport mode, the aircraft cannot sense obstacles. Fly with caution.
[6] Due to local policies, some countries do not support 5.8 GHz transmission.
[7] Unobstructed, free of interference, when FCC compliant. The max transmission distance is 2 km when CE compliant.
[8] A USB cable is required to connect the DJI Goggles to the Mavic Air.


DJI Mavic Air Flame Red - DJIMVAIR-R