AQUACRAFT GP-1 Brushless 3S Mini Hydroplane with 2.4Ghz Radio System - AQUB1820

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With its brushless motor and 3S LiPo compatibility, the GP-1 Ultra is a straight-up performance and size match for the Minimono in speed and handling. But when it comes to style, the GP-1 stands alone. It's a true three-point hydro, designed to skim over the water at outrageous speeds. And you'll be enjoying them fast, too; the GP-1 arrives assembled and factory-finished, ensuring that you'll be out on the water in no time!

Hull length: 416 mm
Beam: 223 mm
Weight: 408 g
Requires: 11.1V 1000mAh LiPo battery & (4) "AA" batteries



The wedge breakaway rudder cuts deep for massive steering power, but swings back on contact with underwater obstacles to prevent damage.


A mini cinch coupler ensures smooth, consistent power by preventing the drive wire from kinking.


A water pickup channels cooling water to the motor and ESC to keep performance at peak levels.


A mini turn fin produces tight right turns and also boosts stability on straightaways. 

TTX300 3-Channel 2.4GHz Radio

Lightweight and comfortable, the TTX300 offers easy operation and some nice extras. Its third channel can be programmed to control any auxiliary function, including the operation of scale accessories. The TR325 receiver has a built-in fail-safe function; if the signal is lost, it returns the throttle servo to center, preventing runaways and damage to people and property. Endpoint adjustments on the steering and throttle channels let you control how much each servo is allowed to move—a feature that protects gear trains and offers new drivers more control over the throttle. Variable rate steering helps, too, by allowing drivers the chance to fine-tune response to their skill or preference. Other features include: trims, an internal antenna and fast, easy push-button linking.


  • Performance-engineered, pickle-fork ABS hydro hull with applied decals, factory-installed foam flotation, wedge breakaway rudder & mini hydro turn fin
  • Tactic TTX300 3-channel 2.4GHz SLT radio with a TR325 receiver and mini steering servo
  • Factory-installed brushless power system, including:
    • Water-cooled 28-35-2200kV inrunner brushless motor with water pickup
    • Water-cooled, LiPo-ready 30A brushless ESC with stutter-bump warning system, Star® Plug and 3.5 mm bullet connectors
    • Wire Drive system with 30 mm FRP prop and mini cinch motor coupler

AQUACRAFT GP-1 Brushless 3S Mini Hydroplane with 2.4Ghz Radio System - AQUB1820