ARRMA NERO 6S BLX with 2.4Ghz Radio, Fitted Diff Brain (EDC) RTR Blue - AR106011

  • Tactic TTX300 2.4Ghz Radio system

  • 3 diffs all controlled by radio, on the fly

  • 15kg metal gear steer servo

  • Horizontal aluminium body shock system

  • 2000kv BLX 6s capable motor

  • Telescopic alloy driveshafts

  • BLX200 150A 6S water resistant ESC


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Product Description
Unleash four beast modes, on-the-fly. The NERO 6S BLX is a 6S LiPo-ready 4WD 1/8 scale Monster Truck that is primed for aggressive blasting in all environments. You can easily access Smart Diff Technology with the equipped (Electronic Diff Controller) Diff Brain system, all activated from a premium-quality TACTIC TTX-300 2.4Ghz radio transmitter.

Smash a trail through the most hostile environments and turn-heads as you pilot this beast beyond previous Monster Truck limitations. A super-detailed pre-cut and decaled body shell provides striking looks. Equipped with an ultra-beefy all-new chassis design and huge Monster Truck wheels and tires, this is a serious bashing machine.

Hurtle towards blistering 60mph+ speeds, then slam your NERO 6S into a controlled drift by accessing the Diff Brain dial on your transmitter. You command the four beast modes. Blast, Wheelie, Drift and Climb like a bashing Pro.

Aggressive super-cab truck styling makes the NERO 6S look fast, even when it is standing still. The eye-catching trim scheme and detailed window, bumper and grill decals, give this beast a look that demands attention.

Dirt, grass, sand, rocks, mud, asphalt, gravel, and everything in between, your local bashing spot will get ripped up as soon as you pull the trigger.

A specially designed exoskeleton and twin vertical plate chassis center spine provide a rock solid foundation. Crafted from super-tough composite and premium red anodized aluminum, strength and rigidity are engineered into the NERO 6S as standard. 

The upper roll hoops help protect your body shell from collision damage when you push harder than ever before.

Super-plush 16mm red anodized aluminum shocks soak up the roughest terrains. The super-efficient lay-down design makes handling the awesome power of the NERO 6S a controlled and consistent task. Oil-filled and equipped with protective shock boots to help keep out dirt and water when you blast through extreme conditions, these high-quality units are adjustable to help you create the perfect handling characteristics for any situation.

The NERO 6S suspension package will help you land the big jumps, rip through powerful drifts, eat-up the most extreme rock faces, and lay down the BLX Brushless power like never before. The long-travel suspension set-up allows more stability, more aggression on extreme surfaces, and more traction when you have the throttle down.

Pivot ball suspension gives you instant steering response, fast recovery from rough surface bashing, and keeps you in control as you launch the NERO 6S into huge challenges.

Beefy front steering hubs are manufactured from super-tough composite material. This helps spread the strain when you take big hits.

Double suspension arms and durable steel linkage rods complete a specification that is designed to provide ultimate control and terrain commanding strength.

Large diameter hybrid steel and red anodized aluminum drive shafts help create a super-reliable 4WD driveline. Super-durable steel universal joints are teamed with telescopic slider internal shaft sections, meaning the NERO 6S can take full advantage of the long-travel suspension set-up, whilst ripping the power down.

Equipped with rubber drive shaft boots to help protect against dirt and water, these units are built for punishment.

The inner steel telescopic shaft operates with a key design, meaning the 6S LiPo power is transferred efficiently, in all four driving modes. This design also allows for super smooth slider action, meaning your suspension can reach full articulation without losing forward drive.

The twin vertical red anodized aluminum chassis plates (TVPs) create unrivaled rigidity, whilst providing lightweight structural support and Pro ARRMA looks.

Easy-access bottom-loading battery trays allows you to perform fast and hassle-free battery changes. A single push button gives you access to your battery, meaning you can get straight back to ripping- up the bashing spot in minutes.

Each battery tray is 176x50x36mm in size, providing enough scope for the use of a hard case 2S or 3S LiPo battery in each side pod. The battery trays are vented to keep everything running cool when you hammer big power through your beast.

With body off looks this awesome, we expect you will enjoy blasting your NERO 6S just like this. Specially designed to provide rugged durability and a unique off-road look, the equipped exoskeleton and chassis side pod battery trays create a profile that will have your friends talking, and you feeling like a bashing king.

Wheels and tires are always a Monster Truck's crowning glory. The NERO 6S serves up the perfect combination of sleek multi-spoke black wheels, wrapped in multi-terrain dBoots Sand Scorpion tires. Primed for any surface and true head-turners from the first time you see them.

Accessed easily from directly under the NERO 6S TVP assembly, the center motor and gearbox pod can be dropped out of the vehicle easily. This makes servicing and cleaning faster.

Featuring a fit-and-forget motor mesh system for easy pinion-to-spur gear meshing, this precision assembly is supported by a high-quality anodized red motor plate.

The NERO 6S benefits from a super-low motor mounting position in relation to other Monster Trucks on the market. This low-slung motor position gives superior handling characteristics.

No matter what environment you choose to attack, the NERO 6S looks mean from all angles.

Loaded with rugged and durable composite and steel, combined with awesome flashes of premium red anodized aluminum, this is the high- end of Monster Truck bashing quality and performance.
Handling the roughest of conditions is made easier due to the NERO 6S being wide and stable. Combined with perfect ground clearance and center of gravity balance, for breathtaking performance, you will become a local bashing king quickly. 

Roll up to every bashing spot fully in control.

Spend more time blasting and less time wrenching with easy-access front, middle and rear diffs.

Maintenance and cleaning is made hassle-free, encouraging you to service your NERO 6S regularly.

Take control of 3 all-metal geared diffs, on-the-fly, straight from your transmitter. Smarter Diff Technology is easy to access.

Master four unique beast driving modes and enjoy super-flexible handling characteristics, as you BLAST belong previous speed limits. WHEELIE like a stunt Pro. DRIFT hard and show your sideways styling, and then CLIMB like a true off-road king.

Unlock Diff Brain technology and experience game changing performance. 

Protected from big hits and heavy landings, the front and rear composite bumpers will soak-up collisions easily. The equipped roll hoops provide greater protection when you need it, helping preserve the body shell and internals.

17mm red anodized wheels nuts crown durable steel wheel axles for eye-catching looks and easy wheel removal when servicing.

Front rear bulkheads are crafted from super-tough composite material, providing a strong and robust housing for the all-metal differential units. The NERO 6S is designed with high-velocity punishment as its primary focus, whilst also allowing you quick and hassle-free access to servicing tasks.
Adjustable body posts allow fast and easy height adjustments, allowing you to create a specific look for your NERO 6S.

Built for real punishment, the NERO 6S has everything you need to conquer the most outrageous challenges. 

Attack huge jumps and have confidence that the chassis design can soak up the landings. Launch rapid speed runs knowing you have the power and control the equipped BLX200 brushless system provides. Hammer the throttle in Climb mode and scramble up loose rocks and boulders with confidence that the Smart Diff Technology has you covered.

Designed to be fast, designed to be tough.

Ultimate grip and aggressive ARRMA bashing looks, the NERO 6S is equipped with all-terrain dBoots Sand Scorpion tires, and stealth black multi-spoke nylon wheels.

Perfectly balanced for full-throttle driving on a wide range of extreme surfaces, you can stay in control and look super-mean at the local bashing spot.
The ADS-15M Steering Servo benefits from metal gears and is fully waterproof.

To provide fast and consistent steering response, the ADS-15M has 15KG/cm (208oz/inch) of torque at 7.2v.

At 41x20x38mm in size, this high-power Steering Servo is compact and capable.

Take control of the NERO 6S with the included TACTIC TTX-300 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and 3 channel receiver combination.

Easily switch between four unique beast driving modes with a rotating dial positioned above the steering wheel. 

Experience fast and fluid steering control with the foam covered steering wheel, combined with smooth and intuitive throttle/brake control from the gently curved trigger system.

Built-in steering and throttle trims are teamed with end point adjustment for fine tuning your desired input response.

4 x AA batteries required, which are easily fitted through a sliding bottom door.

The included TACTIC 2.4Ghz radio receiver provides 3 channels and advanced technology for faultless control.

Housed inside a waterproof receiver box for protection against dirt and water, this small but precision crafted unit will keep you rolling in all conditions.

Loaded with a red anodized 2000kV BLX brushless motor, power and consistency from this 4 pole 1/8 scale unit will launch you into ballistic speeds.

Capable of pushing your vehicle beyond 60mph, with optional gearing and in optimum conditions, speed and torque are not in short supply with this precision manufactured ARRMA power plant.

Finned for increased heat dissipation and equipped with premium power wires and gold plated bullet connectors, this is the motor for bashers who demand the best.

Loaded with the all-new 150AMP BLX200 waterproof ESC, this 6S LiPo ready unit provides consistent power management in all conditions. 

A built-in fan keeps the BLX200 running cool, even when under extreme power loads.

Easily programmable throttle profiles for advanced tuning of your driving experience.

Easily access 5 throttle settings, from soft to full punch, and 3 brake strength settings.

150AMP rated for smooth power control in all conditions. Capable of running 2 x 2S or 2 x 3S LiPo batteries.

Securely mounted inside the NERO 6S Twin Vertical Plate chassis, you can be confident that the BLX200 ESC unit is protected from heavy impacts and extreme conditions.

Equipped with a rubber shrouded power switch, which is attached to the top of the battery tray side pod for easy access.

A high-quality 2.4Ghz Radio Transmitter and Receiver, Wheels and high-performance dBoots Tyres, waterproof ESC and Steering Servo, super-efficient NiMh Battery Pack and Multi-region Wall Charger, are all included as standard. All you will need is a sense of adventure and an appetite for fun!
Please note: Some ARRMA vehicles are not supplied with a Battery or Wall Charger - Check the Tech Spec button on this vehicles' main kit page for more information

Fully waterproof ESC, Steering Servo and Radio Receiver Box are standard. This means that hitting the roughest terrains, in the most extreme conditions, will be no problem. Rain, mud, snow, dirt and anything else you may attack. 
The ARRMA waterproof electronics are ready for action.
Designed to be fast, designed to be tough. ARRMA want you to progress your RC experience by accessing more power, resulting in faster performance. 
With an easy to access upgrade path, allowing you to gradually increase the potential of your ARRMA vehicle as your skills develop, increasing your performance has never been easier. Follow our dedicated Speed Card information to better understand how you can go faster!

Blasting beyond previous limits is easier when you have access to our Performance Cards.

Switching your gearing will allow you to achieve awesome 60mph+ speeds.


SCALE - 1/8 scale
MAX SPEED POSSIBLE (mph) - 60+mph / 96+km/h
POWER TYPE - Brushless
Saleable Part # - AR106011
VEHICLE TYPE - Monster Truck
SURFACE - Off-road
LENGTH - 560mm / 22.05"
WHEELBASE - 378mm / 14.88"
RIDE HEIGHT - 50mm / 1.97"
FRONT WIDTH - 460mm / 18.11"
REAR WIDTH - 460mm / 18.11"
HEIGHT - 217mm / 8.54"
WEIGHT (NO BATTERY) - 6.00kg / 13lbs 4oz

  • Lipo battery(s) - 3cell (11.1V), 4 cell (14.8V) or 6cell (22.2V)
  • Lipo battery charger(s)
  • AA alkaline batteries for the radio