ARRMA 1:8 OUTCAST SILVER 6S BLX with 2.4Ghz Radio System - AR106032

  • Tactic TTX300 2.4Ghz Radio system

  • 15kg metal gear steer servo

  • 2050kv BLX 6s capable motor

  • Telescopic alloy driveshafts

  • BLX185 150A 6S water resistant ESC

  • 4S amd 6S capable

  • Top speed 60+mph


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Product Description


ARRMA come to the party yet again with a whole new level of rough and tumble. The Outcast has an imposing, brutish body, which, coupled with it's monster torquey driveline, will have you crushing the opposition and commanding the playing field. Enjoy being King of all you run over.

OUTCAST 6S goes where it wants, which is anywhere it can express its attitude. OUTCAST 6S is a rebel, designed to break conventions. OUTCAST 6S is a dedicated action machine which will make YOU an RC truck stunt hero.
OUTCAST 6S is battle ready. Featuring a future styled retro truck bodyshell that sports aggressive bolt-on style over-fenders.
Defy the laws of physics. 

OUTCAST 6S performs flips, wheelies and stunts with ease.
The OUTCAST 6S bodyshell is equipped with a roll cage fitted with sacrificial screws. This protects the roof of the bodyshell from wear when sliding along, upside-down, at 60mph.
The OUTCAST 6S is primed for multi-surface driving action, no matter how hard the elements fight back. Complete with super-strong steel, lightweight aluminum and rugged composite materials; when you pilot the OUTCAST 6S, you are in charge of a powerful force.
OUTCAST 6S boasts a strong composite center body support for added protection when the action gets upside-down. High-wall composite dirt guards at the front of the chassis protect the electronics and the center transmission.
Big air, back flips, tricks and stunts. Anything is possible for OUTCAST 6S.
Designed to STUNT.

The short wheelbase of the OUTCAST 6S Stunt Truck means it performs wheelies, flips and tricks with ease.
A wheelie bar is integrated into the wing mount. It allows long, high angled wheelies.

A scale rear wing aids high speed stability and adds to the super-cool looks.
The all-new battery tray in the OUTCAST 6S model holds your batteries in TIGHT.

Two hook-and-loop straps, fitted perpendicular to each other, provide a secure fit for your batteries. Secure fitting means batteries can be safely mounted side-by-side or one on top of the other. 

The battery tray incorporates a balance plug stowage area. Battery balance plugs are held in place with a rubber strap, keeping them away from rotating parts. 

Wire routing clips fit to the long hook-and-loop strap and keep battery to ESC wires away from rotating parts of the model. The front upper brace of the battery adjusts itself to the height of your battery packs.
Soaking up a wide range of surfaces is made easy with the included red anodized adjustable shocks. Factory set to handle everything from fast speed runs to snow and mud chucking, no matter where you choose to bash, these high-quality units will keep you stable and in-control.

Adjustable body mounts keep your body secure when performing the most extreme stunts.

A wide heavy duty front bumper provides protection.
ARRMA design TOUGH. 
Strong anodized aluminum parts used where it matters, providing strong, reliable performance.
Spend more time blasting and less time wrenching with easy-access diffs.

Maintenance and cleaning is made hassle-free, encouraging you to service your OUTCAST 6S regularly.
dBoots 'Back-Flip' multi-surface tires provide awesome traction allowing you to flip, grip and perform tricks. They are mounted on strong and tough five-spoke wheels.
Equipped with three metal-geared differential units as standard, ARRMA understand the importance of durability and control. Easy-access front and rear diff units will allow you to carry-out maintenance in minutes. Less time wrenching, more time bashing.
The included BLX185 150A waterproof ESC provides consistent power control and is 6S LiPo ready.

Fitted with super-reliable XT90 connectors and sporting a built-in cooling fan for reduced heat during intense driving action, the BLX185 ESC has over-voltage protection, and a two-stage LiPo cut off for added cell management.

The fitted 10AWG high-quality wires and 6V BEC unit are combined with a three mode throttle profile (FWD/REVERSE/BRAKE) to provide the ultimate driving experience.

Recommended battery specification: 5000mAh - 35C minimum - per battery pack
The BLX 2050kV brushless motor provides speed and torque and is perfectly balanced for use with our BLX185 ESC unit.

A beautifully etched black aluminum motor can provides a premium look, whilst a four-pole internal configuration keeps the power supply smooth and consistent. 

Gold bullet connectors provide fast and easy wire removal when you need to clean your vehicle.

The aluminum motor can provides increased heat dissipation from the finned body section.

A dual motor shaft flat section provides a safe and secure pinion gear fitting.
The ADS-15M steering servo benefits from metal gears and is fully waterproof.

To provide fast and consistent steering response, the ADS-15M has 208oz/inch (15KG/cm) of torque at 7.2v.

At 1.6 x 0.8 x 1.5" (41 x 20 x 38mm) in size, this high-power steering servo is compact and highly capable.
The ARRMA radio box is fully waterproof and dustproof. Designed to keep your 2.4Ghz reciever safe, no matter how much dirt and water you blast through.
The TTX300 radio system will provide fast and consistent control for your ARRMA vehicle. Using 2.4Ghz technology, your ARRMA vehicle is controlled by a wheel and trigger style radio transmitter. 

Ideal for new RC users and experienced bashing fans alike. Adjustable steering and throttle trim will allow you to easily tune your control experience to suit your individual needs.
A high-quality 2.4Ghz radio transmitter and receiver, wheels and high-performance dBoots tires, waterproof ESC and steering servo are all included, as standard. All you will need is a sense of adventure and an appetite for fun.

Please note: Some ARRMA vehicles are not supplied with a battery or wall charger - Check the Tech Spec button on the vehicle's main kit page for more information.
Fully waterproof ESC, steering servo and radio receiver box are standard. This means that hitting the roughest terrains, in the most extreme conditions, will be no problem. Rain, mud, snow, dirt and anything else you want to bash your way through. 

ARRMA waterproof electronics are ready for action.
Designed to be FAST, designed to be TOUGH. ARRMA want you to progress your RC experience by accessing more power, resulting in faster performance. 

With an easy-to-access upgrade path, you can increase the inbuilt potential of your ARRMA vehicle as your skills develop; increasing your performance has never been easier. Follow our dedicated Speed Card information to better understand how you can keep getting faster.
Blasting beyond previous limits is easier when you have access to our Performance Cards.
Changing your pinion gear will allow you to achieve awesome 60mph+ speeds.
Blasting beyond previous limits is easier when you have access to our Performance Cards.
Changing your pinion gear will allow you to achieve awesome 60mph+ speeds.
SCALE - 1/8
MAX SPEED POSSIBLE (mph) - 60+mph / 96+km/h
POWER TYPE - Brushless
VEHICLE TYPE - Stunt Truck
SURFACE - Off-road
LENGTH - 540mm / 21.26"
WHEELBASE - 328mm / 12.91"
RIDE HEIGHT - 47mm / 1.85"
FRONT WIDTH - 461mm / 18.15"
REAR WIDTH - 461mm / 18.15"
HEIGHT - 230mm / 9.06"
WEIGHT (NO BATTERY) - 4.86kg / 10lbs 11oz
BATTERY MAX DIMENSIONS - 158x48x70mm / 6.22x1.89x2.76"
  • 2x 7.4V Lipo batteries (must be the same as each other) or 2x 11.1V Lipo batteries
  • Lipo battery balance charger
  • AA alkaline batteries for the radio